Today’s song: Keep On Walking

It’s Saturday evening. We hosted our daughter’s 10th birthday today. The house rang with laughter and screams (Why must girls scream?) and off-key singing. A house full of happy girls.

I’m in panic mode before parties. There’s no reason to be. It’s not my first time around, and yet…

Afterwards, during the lull, I always promise myself that next time I’ll remember that everything works out, as it always does. Being a perfectionist has its down side. Maybe it’s the pint of Barking Squirrel talking, but I’ll take a detour around PanicVille next time and head straight to ChillOutTown.

Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Passenger’s All The Little Lights album. Although it’s been out for two years or so, it’s an album that worms its way in until the songs are in constant rotation. It’s been our soundtrack this afternoon. The songs pair well with the post-party quiet of a cool and grey day.

One of my favourites:

Have a great weekend.

PS: In case you didn’t think 11 girls could be exhausting, check out the evidence…

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  • Tenth Birthday parties are particularly excellent aren’t they? 😀

    Thing 1 had his at his dojo with lots of good buddies and it was just great! Everything did work out. You are right. It always does. Somehow… Sometimes it’s a mystery. Sometimes it’s a miracle.
    In life, as in parties.. things just work out.


    Also, I *totally* love Passenger.

    • A big mystery. 🙂 A dojo birthday would be so fun.


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