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7 Super Shots triple dog dare

Yesterday I noticed that one of my fave blogs Life In Pleasantville had published a new post so I quickly hopped over to have a read. She’s positive, loves to travel, and now I realize terribly evil funny. Almost like “I dare you to jump over the alligator pit” funny.

There in black and white, or tangerine and brown, was my name. I’d been challenged to, and am now taking part in the HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. This is what is known as a meme. Dude…I didn’t even know what a meme was. Thank you Wikipedia for enlightening me.

Last night I spent hours scouring through photos, which may be partly my mildly obsessive tendencies, but let’s pretend that’s not the case today. In the process D passed out to avoid commenting again or providing another opinion on my photo choices.

I did enjoy this challenge even if my sleep was cut short. When photos are stored online you don’t look through them nearly enough. The ones I chose are from our trip out west last summer. Hope you enjoy them.

A photo that...takes my breath away

Whistler and Blackcomb, BC take everyone’s breath away. We were up on a chair lift coming down from Blackcomb and I felt like I was sitting on top of the world. Cliché – yes, but fairly accurate.

A photo that...makes me laugh or smile

Imagine wandering around the streets of Port McNeill, Vancouver Island in the evening with your family (including small children who could easily be dinner for a hungry critter), going to sleep all comfy cozy in your B&B, and waking up to this parked next to your truck? Makes you re-evaluate the value of an evening stroll.

A photo that...makes me dream

I left my heart in Pemberton, BC. This horse farm is nestled in the valley and looks like it’s waiting for the 4 of us to trek out there and take up residence. Mountains, wildlife, horses, not too far from Vancouver…a dream.

A photo that...makes me think

I understand that the logging industry is huge and integral to the BC economy. I get that people’s livelihoods depend on it, but this just made me sad. It also made me wonder…do we need so much? What of the fall out from clear cutting? How is our beautiful country going to look to future generations?

A photo that...makes my mouth water

I love a good fish and chips. Who doesn’t? This truck is ideally parked to serve up fresh fish. He’s right across the road from the Pacific Ocean in Jordan River, Vancouver Island.

A photo that...tells a story

This tells a story of a family that loves each other fiercely, loves to discover, and is always up for an adventure. They are my heart and soul and colour every story I tell.

A photo that...I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

If I were the Editor of National Geographic I would totally publish this photo. Right? Anyone? This nosy family followed us everywhere as we hiked and dug for fossils outside of Cache Creek, BC.

If I thought narrowing down pics was tough, choosing the people I wanted to torture in turn share the joy with took even longer. I love these writers – strictly in a non-stalkerish way. I just bet they have some fab photos to share with us, along with stories to go along with them.

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Dear Involuntary Participants:

Please find your instructions here. …………………and GO.

PS. Thank you @seemummyjuggle. Letting out the maniacal laughter feels good.


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