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Kids and how they conspire against us. A lot.

Date nights are those moments when couples get to [re] connect…what’s that? You need a reminder? Back of the line. We all need a reminder. Last night D and I had a date. It was the first time that we left our kids alone. With each other. Maybe now you’re thinking, “Oh non, this isn’t goingContinue Reading

Tales from the bedroom

Our bed sucks. Literally. As in sucks you right in if you venture too far to the sides. It’s difficult to sleep à deux squished into the middle third of a queen-sized bed. The only quasi-comfortable – I use the term loosely, as loose as a strumpet waiting on the docks for the ships toContinue Reading

Let’s make a list

Why jumping full-time into a new business, reorganizing a household, starting an online university course, volunteering, training for a half marathon, painting & renovating the house and blogging all at the same time is a good idea. I’m a woman and mother and, duh; it’s what we do. Logic dictates that with proper planning it’sContinue Reading


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