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My Son Went To Europe And All I Got Was This Postcard

As our son prepared to leave for Europe on a school trip last week, we laid out the three expectations we had of him: Be safe and obey the rules. Have fun and learn. Bring home great memories and stories. That’s all. We travel regularly. Not often by our standards, because if it were up toContinue Reading

My Family

I’m leaving for Laos in four days. My children and husband are not going with me and while I will miss them terribly and they in all likelihood will miss me too, I’m still travelling with family. My mother is half Laotian and she is showing my youngest brother and me her country. Through herContinue Reading

Montréal. The small one.

The Ardèche is a mountainous and rural region in France ¾ of the way down and towards the right side of the country. It’s known for its chestnut trees, peaches, mushrooms, Pogne, and locals navigating hairpin roads in rattling cars at speeds that make Canadian country roads look pokey. D and I were married in the ArdècheContinue Reading


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