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Sorry isn’t for sissies

Sorry isn’t for sissies

This is awkward. I can blunder in spectacular fashion at the simplest occasion and yet…today I’m bragging. So un-Canadian of me. Also if you feel all squirmy when reading this, like your undies have started crawling into places they have no business being, it’s probably because at some point you let the opportunity pass. YouContinue Reading


Two of my closest friends live in different time zones. It makes keeping a friendship alive difficult, but so worth it as I was reminded during a recent visit with a girlfriend who moved west. When I first met T she was standing in her dorm room with mountains of open suitcases strewn around and no visible floorContinue Reading

You can’t like everyone

You can’t always like everyone you associate with so suck it up, deal with it and move on. Sound harsh? It’s a tough lesson to learn, but one which we would all do well to pick up on sooner rather than later. It’s a lesson our kids need to see us living too, for theirContinue Reading


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