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100 of my favourite things.

Several months ago a friend wrote a post about 100 things she loves. I loved the idea and the post. Today calls for more focus on the good. So, in no particular order, and with some repetition from the About page on this blog, here goes:

  1. The first bowl of café au lait in the morning.
  2. Ucluelet, British Columbia. If you haven’t been…go. And stop in at Jiggers and Ukee Dogs.
  3. My family. And that means more than the four of us living under our roof. It encompasses brothers, parents, in-laws, nieces, cousins and aunts.
  4. Second-hand bookstores.
  5. My husband’s biscotti. That’s not code for anything.
  6. The way dark chocolate with sea salt melts in my mouth leaving the perfect combination of sweet and salty.
  7. Standing in a forest and taking deep breaths.
  8. Horses.
  9. Friends with whom I can be open and uncensored.
  10. Miss Vickie’s Sweet Chili & Sour Cream chips. I love them too much.
  11. Our dog, Juno.
  12. My son’s easy smile.
  13. Cheese as a food group.
  14. Hockey. It’s the most beautiful team sport. Don’t argue.
  15. Loyalty.
  16. Random text messages from my nieces. “Hi Tata. I love you.”
  17. Chausson au pomme. I can’t express how amazing these are when bought straight from the bakery.
  18. Amber lager.
  19. Road trips.
  20. Red wine, but not ones made with Syrah/Shiraz because those just make me sick.
  21. Running.
  22. Seeing my daughter’s happiness when she rides.
  23. When my shelves are spilling books on the floor.
  24. Laotian rice paper wrapped spring rolls. This would be the food I’d choose if forced to give up everything else.
  25. The scene in Elf when Buddy the Elf rides an escalator for the first time.
  26. The smell of spring when everything thaws.
  27. Eating vegetables from our garden.
  28. Boot camp with fun women.
  29. Citroën 2CVs.
  30. Having breakfast with D almost every day.
  31. The days leading up to a vacation departure.
  32. Coyote songs late at night as my daughter and I leave the barn.
  33. Humour.
  34. The stories my grandfather told.
  35. Saint-Pierreville, France.
  36. Crème de marrons (sweet chestnut spread).
  37. Canoeing.
  38. Stone ruins. If there’s one to explore I’ll find it.
  39. Ignoring maps and directions.
  40. White peaches.
  41. Smart-asses. I know a few.
  42. Lampeter, Wales and the friendship it brought.
  43. The sound of cicadas in Provence.
  44. The chateau of Vaux le Vicomte.
  45. Photo albums.
  46. Murder mysteries.
  47. The dance numbers my daughter and nieces put on every time we’re together.
  48. Love Actually.
  49. The Cone.
  50. Taking pictures.
  51. The misty rain that fell almost daily while I lived in Wales.
  52. Highland cattle. C’mon…they’re cute.
  53. Docks.
  54. People who don’t take themselves too seriously.
  55. Hobnobs
  56. Anything by Tolkien.
  57. When my son rolls his eyes at my corny jokes.
  58. Christmas lights.
  59. The take me or leave me feeling that comes with being over 40.
  60. Postcards.
  61. Big snowflakes.
  62. Boots.
  63. Old keys.
  64. The orange 1970s VW Camper my brother drove.
  65. Travelling with family.
  66. Hats.
  67. Pottery studios. I’m sorry for all the detours, family.
  68. Asterix le Gaulois.
  69. Planning a trip.
  70. The burgers at Mile One Eating House in Pemberton, British Columbia. OH. MY. GOD.
  71. Goat cheese.
  72. Writing again after a hiatus of years.
  73. The bouquinistes along the Seine.
  74. My super comfy studio pants that I don’t use at yoga studios.
  75. Going to the cottage.
  76. Driving, because navigating is beyond me since I’m easily distrac…oooh look at the mountains!
  77. Mountains.
  78. Anything my mom cooks.
  79. Bakeries in France.
  80. The apple orchard down the road from us that doesn’t cater to crowds.
  81. Small hotels.
  82. The ocean.
  83. Early mornings by the lake before bringing my daughter to school.
  84. Wearing skirts during the summer.
  85. Algonquin Park.
  86. Grocery shopping by myself.
  87. The smell of a campfire.
  88. Serena Ryder.
  89. Watching the Olympics. Go, Canada!
  90. Wood floors.
  91. Most variations of blue.
  92. The quiet when the kids are finally in bed. I love them, but go to sleep already!
  93. Hoodies.
  94. Loud music in the car.
  95. Restaurant patios.
  96. The idea of knitting something. The reality is that I’m useless at it.
  97. A clean house. I just don’t like the cleaning part.
  98. Archaeology.
  99. Real fireplaces.
  100. Cheesy sci-fi TV shows.

Now it’s your turn.

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To be read – hopefully before spring

These are the books piling up on my side of the bed and spilling onto the floor. Don’t look too closely at the nightstand. It’s small and not my style, but our room is an I’ll-get-to-it space. Someday…even though all the design people tell me, well tell all of us really, to make the bedroom an oasis. Clearly they don’t have children. And a dog. Or maybe theirs are very tidy and organized, and non-shedding. We need to talk about organization because I’m lagging.

We don’t have any oases. Just some spaces that are less crazy than others. But you all know about my challenges with housework. And I am seriously sick of my table lamps. I know where to source more though. Hint – she’s featured in my blogroll – look to the right.

I’ve lost my focus again. The feature today is the pile of books. Eclectic for sure, but hopefully entertaining.

The Woefield Poultry Collective by Susan Juby. An anniversary gift, so I better read it. It looks lighthearted and cleverly written.

The Children of Hurin by J.R.R. Tolkien. I will always be a Tolkien geek.

La reine Margot by Alexandre Dumas. This has been gathering dust and the pages will deteriorate if I don’t get to it.

Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky. France. WWII. Human courage. All the ingredients for a great read.

We Generation, Raising Socially Responsible Kids by Michael Ungar. I’m a mother. Enough said.

The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag by Alan Bradley. I loved the first book. Quirky and witty.

The Magdalene Legacy by Laurence Gardner. Because I’m mildly obsessed with the only woman who always crops up in stories about Jesus.

The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz. He’s a baker. And he lives in Paris. Two of my favourite things.

Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. My son’s book and because he enjoyed it he’s insisting I read it. I share my books with him so he’s returning the favour. Cute, huh?

The Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley. Canadian author who writes beautifully atmospheric and character-rich novels.

City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. Guilty pleasure. Book 4 in a YA fiction series I completely got sucked into.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini. More YA fiction written by a YA. And another series I can pass along to my son.

So there it is. My nightstand. Complete with my first teddy bear who emigrated from Bremen. He’s missing an eye following a clash with a kitten and both of his feet need some care, but I’ll get to that too. This list isn’t counting the books that are stacked on our bookshelves, some of which I haven’t yet read. I told you I had a book problem. What are you reading?

Running in a winter wonderland

This is my second winter running and the temperature is dipping below my comfort zone. The toasty warmth of the house is becoming more tempting than trekking along a frozen, chilly sidewalk. I vow to continue though because I am a runner. And we’re weird. Oh I know I tried to convince you all in an earlier post that we’re truly quite sane, but nobody bought it. Not even me.

I don’t mind being classed with the other crazy runners because nothing can beat the buzz during and at the end of the run when you know you’ve accomplished something great. I recently read two quotes which I keep top of mind when the couch, blanket, book and chocolate are calling to me. Don’t pretend you can’t hear them too.

No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everybody on the couch.

Running, cheaper than therapy.

But where I’m really going with this is the fun of shopping for new stuff. Don’t panic! You can run without spending a fortune; however, if you live in a 4-season location some things are necessary if you prefer not to lose body parts to frostbite. If you’re in Tahiti…I hate you.

So the Must Haves are gloves because my hands are either freezing or roasting depending on which of the entirely unsuitable ones I’m wearing. Plus the toque that I borrowed from D looks ridiculous. Yes I’m running, but I can still try to look presentable. Presentable in a rosy, sweaty, oddly grinning way. Although who can tell with the hat, bandana and glasses covering my face. The picture isn’t pretty, but allow me my delusions. And anyway if you still look pretty afterward, you didn’t do it right.

Since I’m making a list – gloves, toque – a great pair of trail shoes would be a welcome addition to my gear. Nothing like skating when you’re should be striding. The base layers, pants and tops I bought at MEC last season are still in good shape so there’s no need for greediness.

I’ve been scouring the net and sourced some cool things. Like these cute gloves with which you can apparently still control your iPhone. I hate having to take my gloves off so that the touch screen can register my fingers – brrr. By the time I start my music and the Runmeter app my fingers are so numb that I’m more focused on warming them up than breathing. Breathing is important.

Lululemon Arctic Run Gloves

And how about these shoes? They should help keep my pace even and prevent my legs from going off in opposite directions. I like the look, now I just need to see how they fit.

Salomon XA Pro Trail Shoe

What I still haven’t sourced, at least not to my liking, is a really warm funky toque. There are plenty out there, but is black or grey such a brilliant idea when most of my running takes place after dark? Anybody have any suggestions?

The moral of this story is that with cute and functional seasonal gear nothing should stop us from moving our butts. They’ll look better for it. Then, when the chocolate calls my name I can answer with a resounding, “I’m here.”

* Disclaimer – there isn’t one. I’m not being paid to promote, showcase or talk about any products. If you want to pay me, feel free to send a message. I can be bought.


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