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100 of my favourite things.

100 of my favourite things.

Several months ago a friend wrote a post about 100 things she loves. I loved the idea and the post. Today calls for more focus on the good. So, in no particular order, and with some repetition from the About page on this blog, here goes: The first bowl of café au lait in theContinue Reading

To be read – hopefully before spring

These are the books piling up on my side of the bed and spilling onto the floor. Don’t look too closely at the nightstand. It’s small and not my style, but our room is an I’ll-get-to-it space. Someday…even though all the design people tell me, well tell all of us really, to make the bedroomContinue Reading

Running in a winter wonderland

This is my second winter running and the temperature is dipping below my comfort zone. The toasty warmth of the house is becoming more tempting than trekking along a frozen, chilly sidewalk. I vow to continue though because I am a runner. And we’re weird. Oh I know I tried to convince you all in an earlier post that we’re truly quite sane, but nobody bought it. Not even me.

I don’t mind being classed with the other crazy runners because nothing can beat the buzz during and at the end of the run when you know you’ve accomplished something great. I recently read two quotes which I keep top of mind when the couch, blanket, book and chocolate are calling to me. Don’t pretend you can’t hear them too.Continue Reading


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