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And now I get the animal rights activists really mad

I was one too. I still am, but now I choose my battles. And a mouse in my house is going to lose. While our house is only 40 years old, that’s enough for cracks to have formed on the foundation and basement walls just big enough to allow those tiny rodents in. Slits theContinue Reading

Chores and how we get to pull rank on our kids

As of today our kids, 12 and 7, have a list of daily chores. “GASP,” says the Chore Police, “How could you let your kids reach 12 and 7 years old and NOT make them do regular chores? Do you want them to become a drain on society?” “CRUELTY,” cries Coddlers Are Us, “Children shouldContinue Reading

I commute around hockey bags, over Lego and past 2 cats and a dog

I work from home. So does D. We appreciate the benefits of that arrangement. STOP No no no! Focus. Minds out of the gutter. As I was so eloquently attempting to explain, we both work from home. It’s something neither of us takes for granted although I had to sit down and make a list toContinue Reading


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