7 Quick and Simple Tips for Instagram Food Pics


At this point we’re all familiar with the power of a community brought together by a common love or goal. Instagram harnesses the power of community extremely well; people are naturally drawn to images that elicit emotions. And people feel strongly about food! There are two kinds of food pictures on Instagram: those that make us drool, and those that make us gag.

Don’t be *that* Instagrammer. Follow a few simple tips for Instagram to post great food pictures that will have your audience drooling and growing.

Simple Tips for Instagram

1. Post Good Photographs

It’s obvious and yet somehow still needs to be said. The latest mirrorless or DSLR camera is not necessary for great food shots. A clean, up-to-date phone camera lens is more than up for the job. Take a few minutes to plan the photo and its angle(s), take a few shots, make any necessary edits in a 3rd party app, and save.

2. Pick A Style

What’s your game plan? Do you want to be known for posting pretty, pastel pink cake photos, or are bright colours and textures more your thing? Whatever option you choose, make sure it reflects your vision or story and try to keep the style, tone, and edits similar so your followers know what to expect.

3. Think Formatting

Instagram food photos do best when people can see the food or setting (if that’s applicable). The original square format works well, but don’t forget about the extended size too, especially if the photos are in portrait mode. Landscape food images don’t grab the viewer’s attention as well as portrait or square images.


4. Save the Words

Don’t hide food under text! What works for other social media channels (think headlines on Pinterest) won’t fly on Instagram. IG is visual storytelling so let the visuals speak for themselves.

5. Build A Community

Followers need to feel engaged by you and by what’s cooking in your kitchen. For that to happen, they want a sense of community, creative and fun content, useful and trending information or images, and visually appealing photos that draw them in. The more you engage with your followers and with the accounts you follow in a genuine manner, the more your community will grow.

6. Don’t Diss the Tags

As annoying as hashtags are, they’re a valuable tool in your Instagram arsenal and will help you connect with your audience. Use them judiciously, research hashtags appropriate to your subject matter, and find new accounts by following the trail. Include hashtags in the first comment underneath your image so viewers aren’t bogged down by tags in your photo blurb.

7. Be Original

Provide original content without crossover from your other social media channels and let your voice and personality come through. As a general rule, regurgitated content from other sites or channels does not do well. This does not apply to reposting with attribution, which is a legitimate way to spread the love for what you love.

Like all forms of social media, if we’re genuine, it comes through and people are attracted to the end result. Food is more than the ingredients we throw together to create a dish, it’s a means of communicating with family or friends and we can extend that to our communities as well.

Check out a few of my favourite Instagram accounts that do food well!

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  • All the love for this post. I tried to double tap it! 😉

    Great advice (#6!! Who knew?!) and now I am following 4 new-to-me people.

    • Thanks for the double tap. 🙂 And thanks for the love. IG shouldn’t be about rules, unless you need or want it for a specific purpose and then there are guidelines.


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