Happy 2016

Remember when we stayed up until dawn to ring in the new year with a bubbly drink that wasn’t Perrier? There’s still a new year celebration now, but it involves family and raclette cheese and one glass of wine because any more than that and the kids outlast the parents. We already pull all-nighters whenContinue Reading

That Time Jason Priestley and I Went to Dominican Republic

In October 2014 I travelled to the Dominican Republic with Proctor & Gamble Children’s Safe Drinking Water program and, oh yes Jason Priestley. (Yes! THAT Jason Priestley for you 90210 fans.) We saw first-hand how desperate the need for clean drinking water is in many parts of the world and to learn what P&G CSDW isContinue Reading

Scooby Doo! Where Are You?

Have you all watched the new Netflix show Sense8? I burned through all twelve episodes in a three-night marathon. It’s all about binge watching now. The upside is no more waiting for resolutions; the downside is no more waiting for resolutions. There was fun in the anticipation of what troubles our favourite characters would get intoContinue Reading


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