Oh What A Day

Life sometimes gives us smooth days. Ones that make us feel like an Olympic rower, slicing through glassy waters, unstoppable by anything but our own force or will. Then there are days that stop us cold. Circumstances, events, general crap crops up and we morph from graceful sculler to a third-rate performer in a back alley circus trying to keep the plates spinning, and failing.

I have so much to spill about Laos and family and eating in the jungle and how I’m sure the new session of boot camp this week is going to kill me, but today I’m spinning plates. Stressing won’t clean up the mess—Guys, I couldn’t even drink my coffee this morning, so you know it’s bad—so I’ll attack the problem and think of smoother days. Looking at pictures that let me breathe helps.

I’ll be back to rowing form soon.

DSC 5901 1024x680 Oh What A Day

Long Beach, Tofino

Amphitrite Lighthouse on the Wild Pacific Trail. 1024x680 Oh What A Day

Amphitrite Lighthouse on the Wild Pacific Trail.

A resident of Ucluelet. Oh What A Day

Bald eagle in Ucluelet.


DSC 6552 1024x680 Oh What A Day

These kids.

Seems a lot of my breathing happens in British Columbia.

  • http://www.annabelfitzsimmons.com Annabel Fitzsimmons

    Beautiful pics, as always. Hope the plates stop spinning soon, and that the breathing comes easier. Moment by moment, right?

    • http://www.jackstrawlane.com Katja Wulfers

      Right, thank you, Annabel.

  • http://temperedwithkindness.com peady

    Oh my goodness these photos are breathtaking! I am having a bit of a “hard to breathe” evening, myself, and I am glad I stopped by because your pictures made me breathe deeper.. if only for a minute or two.. and now I feel a bit more relaxed… better.

    Thank you.

    • http://www.jackstrawlane.com Katja Wulfers

      I’m happy you stopped by for a breath. These kinds of days can be tough.


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