Friendship well travelled

2 of my 3 closest friends live in different time zones. It makes keeping friendships alive difficult. But so worth it as I was reminded during a recent visit with a girlfriend who moved west.

Let’s call her Trunks. When we first met she was standing in her dorm room with mounds of open suitcases strewn about and no visible floor space anywhere. I gasped in shock, tried to manoeuver around the heaps with my backpack & satchel, she laughed and a friendship was born. We met a world away from home, found enough commonality to bring us close yet enough differences to expose each other to ideas that were not our own.

Wales. University. Small town. Pubs. A recipe for a great time. And time hasn’t dulled the friendship. We occasionally need to be more pro-active. Such a tiring word though. Life is busy for us all and it’s easy to suddenly turn around and find 20 years have passed. Sometimes you need a reminder of why friendship is so amazing. Make a list, meditate, journal, whatever works. Plus you can do this sober or slightly inebriated if you prefer. Grab a pint and a pen and let’s get started.

My top 11 reasons to hang onto a great friend:

  1. She laughs. I laugh. It’s good for the soul and a great abs workout.
  2. One time we went to Edinburgh for a long weekend and came back 2 ½ weeks later.
  3. Our duets are loud and legendary and we don’t even need to know the words. Also we sound good.
  4. We’re like Lewis and Clark. I clip hedges while driving and she leaps out to clear the road of sheep.
  5. We can send each other random messages with partially completed thoughts and understand where it’s all going.
  6. Plus sometimes totally inappropriate emails that children shouldn’t see, but do, and then it’s still all good. Okay that one was me.
  7. She thought it was a completely reasonable idea to hike through a wild bison sanctuary because we were getting cold and tired and it was a good shortcut. It really was.
  8. Hopped on a plane to come to my wedding half way around the world.
  9. Then D had to go home for work so we travelled around France together for a few weeks. Yup I had my honeymoon with Trunks.
  10. Our husbands both laugh at us. And our kids totally adore each other.
  11. When her eldest asked why she didn’t know me if I was such a good friend, Trunks was smart enough to answer, on behalf of both us, “Cause your mummy is an idiot.” I totally stole her words and used the same one on my kids.

So here’s to no longer being an idiot. Keep your friendships, even when it’s not convenient or easy. And make the time because who else could possibly understand why asking for a doggie bag in Edinburgh is so hysterical. It’s worth it and you just may be forging bonds that last generations.


  • http://catherineburden AlwaysARedhead

    #10 completely describes the relationship with my best friend, her husband and kids. We are Aunt & Uncle to her kids and them to ours. It has lasted 29 years and will go on to last another 29 years.

    • Kat

      What a great and long-lasting friendship.

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