The Day Ukee Became a Movie Star

In my day job I work behind-the-scenes at YMC, a digital parenting magazine, and besides also writing there, I get opportunities to do some really fun things. A few weeks ago Ukee, our adopted rescue pup (thanks A.R.F. Ontario, we love him!) and I took part in a video for a Purina campaign.

He was a natural, and by natural I mean he was all over the place, licking everything, and curious about the lights and people and WOAH…did you see that ball? Ukee and I had a blast!

Anyway, the video is live so check it out. Each dog and owner combo was on set for 45 minutes, so keep in mind that approximately 44 1/2 minutes of me saying, “Ukee, get back here,” were cut to make room for the video message.

P.S. He’s the cute, 100% purebred, Canadian black mutt.



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