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Discoveries: Buddhist Temples In Laos

There are many well-known and frequented Buddhist Wats — monasteries and temples — in Laos, but countless more that nobody visits. The wealth and reach of a wat is dependent on the wealth and generosity of its patrons. Some are so small they have a single monk in residence, others are like small villages. TheContinue Reading

Germany celebrates 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell

Do you remember where you were when the Berlin Wall came down? It’s a moment seared in my memory. I was between classes and sitting with fellow students; we were discussing politics in a way that only earnest young adults just out of adolescence can. We’d grown up in an era when the Cold WarContinue Reading

Hidden Treasures: Statues Above A Paris Police Station

As in many great cities, some of the most unique treasures in Paris are found in unexpected places; these giant statues are based on Michelangelo’s sculpture the Dying Slave, housed in the Louvre. What’s unexpected is that they sit on the top floors of the commissariat de police du 12e arrondissement — the police station of the 12th administrative district of ParisContinue Reading


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