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I’m Katja, a freelance writer, traveller, and gourmande and I write articles with a focus on travel, culinary tourism, food, and family. All things food related are dished up at Around The Table on Yummy Mummy Club and I’m a regular contributor to Life In Pleasantville.

Jack Straw Lane is where I write about trying to balance running, a bad case of travel itch, the kids’ homework, and my search for the perfect croissant.

A few things to know: I have a love/love relationship with pastries — Because who doesn’t love pastries? —  and my great-many times removed-grandfather was beheaded during the French revolution. I come from a long line of nomads who believed in the romance and adventure of travel, and I’m trying to pass that on to my children by travelling with them and writing about it. Coffee is good.

Photography is one of my favourite mediums for storytelling, so I’m a devoted fan of Instagram. You can also find me on Twitter or send me a message at kat@jackstrawlane.com.

My work has been published at Canadian Living Moms, Central Counties Tourism, and other sites and tourism organizations. Check here to read some of my articles and then hire me to work for you.

All stories and work on this site are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without the consent of Katja Wulfers. The photos are mine unless otherwise stated, in which case they will include proper mention and be from free photo sharing sites or published with express permission. 


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