Things I like: good coffee, dark chocolate with sea salt, Citroën 2CVs, rice paper wrapped spring rolls the way my mother and grandmother from Laos make them, goat cheese, all cheese, books printed on real paper, Cameron’s Dark Amber Lager, the ice cream shop in Moret-sur-Loing, history, Algonquin Park, Vaux le Vicomte, hockey, running, British Columbia.

Things I dislike: bad coffee, MSG, minivans, raw oysters, subdivisions, creamy liqueurs, fake pain au chocolat, pink Champagne, the word utilize.

D is my husband. Bou and Pony Girl (PG) are the resident kids. Sasha and Sidney are our cats and love Juno who is our dog and would love to eat the cats. My great-great-great-great-more greats-grandfather was beheaded during the French Revolution, but I’m not bitter.

This is a blog about life and trying to balance running, the kids’ homework and my search for the perfect croissant.

I write for others too and that’s here.

All stories and work on this site are copyrighted and cannot be reprinted without the consent of Katja Wulfers. Photos are mine unless otherwise stated, in which case they will include proper mention and be from free photo sharing sites or published with express permission. Don’t steal. 

  • http://www.nivon.com maurin denis

    Thank you Katja for this lovely message witch gives honour to our artisanal job.
    We try to cary across the age our local specialities to give new generations the taste of our roots.
    If ever you come in the area of Valence, I would be very proud to make you visit our bakery and show you the way we work

    With all our best regards and thanks

    • http://jackstrawlanedotcom.wordpress.com Kat

      Merci Maurin. Mon grand-père, d’origine de Saint Pierreville, nous à tous bien donner le gout des pognes Nivon. Je me régalerais de vous rendre visite dès mon prochain séjour en France. Thank you for extending an invitation to visit your bakery on my next trip to Valence. I look forward to it already.

  • http://drkimfoster.wordpress.com Dr Kim Foster

    Kat, it’s possible we were separated at birth. Dark chocolate with sea salt is like crack cocaine for me, my husband and I used to own a secondhand bookstore, and you know we visit France regularly (…did I mention we own a house there, in Normandy?).

    Awesome, awesome blog. Can’t wait to meet you someday! (You going to Blissdom?)

    • http://jackstrawlanedotcom.wordpress.com Kat

      Thanks Kim! You may be right…there’s a lot in line there :) And Normandy…so beautiful.

  • http://juliawooster.com Julia

    Found your blog today through your link on a comment you made on Sarah Taylor’s blog. It’s great! I also find soccer players writing on the ground over a stubbed toe and the word utilize annoying :) Have a good day

    • http://jackstrawlanedotcom.wordpress.com Katja

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  • http://www.twitter.com/kerstinauer Kerstin @ Auer Life

    Found your blog via the Moms who Blog and Write group on Facebook. Love it!
    Canadian Hockey Players and Pemberton – right up my alley ;) (I live in Merritt, BC)

    • http://jackstrawlanedotcom.wordpress.com Katja

      Glad you found me and that you enjoyed it! I’m green with envy about where you live.

  • http://www.pepperandpaint.com/ Anonymous

    Hi Kat…

    I found your sweet little blog after you left a comment on mine. So so great! Love your writing!

    • http://jackstrawlanedotcom.wordpress.com Katja

      Thank you. I’m so glad you found your way here.

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