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The grumpy old troll

I have to come clean. I’ve been moody this week. Grumpy even.

I’ve tried to keep it under control with my running, some writing, and medicinal doses of chocolate. Also, shamefully, chips. But only the kind without MSG because that crap makes me sick. So actually…I made a healthy choice. Yay me!

D was away for 3 days, which I never like. Especially when he’s in Florida and the thermostat at home is dipping back down to wear-your-woolies weather. Why can’t they have meetings in Camden, NJ or Toledo, OH? At least I wouldn’t be jealous of where he is. Nothing personal if you’re from Camden or Toledo. I’m sure you’re all lovely people, but you’ve got to admit that Fort Lauderdale, FL has a sweeter ring to it. Particularly during -3C temperatures. Anyway…there was that.

Also I’m having a birthday soon. I don’t want to come off as hypocritical because I do celebrate where I’m at now, mentally and physically. Admittedly turning 40 was not fun. at. all. I think I had a 6-months meltdown. Check with D. But I’m cool with the 40+ thing now, except in the couple of days leading up to my birthday. Then I’m a bear. One who’s been disturbed from hibernation and is really hungry and you’re standing between her and a huge pile of fresh salmon.

Thirdly, I may have been hormonal. That’s all.

I’ve developed some coping mechanisms for times like this. They mainly involve removing myself from reality and focusing on things that make me smile. My happy place. You’ve been privy to some of it before because I was feeling generous. Now; however, I’ve grown to like you and so you get more.

I hope you’re not allergic to horses.

And just for good measure.


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