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Nobody puts Baby in the corner, but me…I belong there

My daughter’s school held a fundraising Dance-o-thon today, which pisses me off. Not because we organized it – I was one of the volunteers after all – but that we have to do it at all.

Ours is a public school; we pay taxes, yet as in many districts it falls on parent’s fundraising efforts to pay for really extravagant things like math books and new basketballs…because no one wants to bounce soft balls. And by fundraising read shelling cashola out of our own pockets. Just like private school minus the snazzy uniforms, old stone buildings, school crests, and, you know, the private part.

Honestly I’m too tired to even go into that discussion properly because I spent the day with 220 or so 4 – 12 year olds on 4 hours of sleep and not enough caffeine. I was one of many volunteers today and I know 98% of them are raising a glass. right. now. Teachers wrangle these little people everyday – some should be sainted. AND I’m pretty sure they have something other than vitamin water to sustain them. I’m just not used to the intense concentration of rambunctious, happy, jumping children. Also loud and…let’s be clear, smelly.

At least 50% of my weekdays are spent working from home, where it’s quiet…if you don’t count D sharing obscure and arcane bits of trivia with me at random moments. While technically I’m used to having a lot of children around, never 220 of them. I get kids in doses of hockey team sizes or gaggles of girls*.

No throwing sharp objects…I love children and I love helping out at school. Today’s Dance-a-thon was a huge success on every front. We raised a barrel of money and the kids had a BLAST. Basically I was out-danced by 6 year olds and need to nurse my bitterness in an alcoholic beverage. So now I’m putting my feet up, praying to the gods above that dinner will materialize, and pouring myself a cool, refreshing ale. It’s that kind of an evening.

Cheers everyone and have a wicked weekend.

* A gaggle of girls consists of a minimum of 3, but no more than 8. This is not based on any scientific fact.

** I don’t mean to brag, but we have the coolest teachers and staff who know how to get into the spirit of things and love the kids.


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