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The morning shower and how to hang a wet towel. Because it’s complicated.

Teens don’t know how to hang wet towels following their showers.

They’re great at leaving them lying around in creative places, but the part where we don’t appreciate that talent hasn’t sunk in yet. I took it upon myself to draw up a little set of diagrams to illustrate the dilemma and then promptly filed those under recycle. My artistic talent can’t match the scribbling of chimps with twigs, so I enlisted D. He can draw and he’s free.

Our son has wet towel problems. The wet towels have a problem getting back to the towel bar and always end up on the floor. Huh…weird.

Since I conduct a How-To seminar to a tuned-out audience every morning, I think visual is the way to go. Kids are all about technology and images so here is a résumé of what not to do and an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to hang a wet towel. Just upload it to their smartphones, laptops, or iPods and they’ll have this handy reference guide.

Every morning it’s the same routine with our son as he gets ready to tackle his day:

Me: Get in the shower.

Him: Okay. This represents so many things that I’m convinced he doesn’t actually know the meaning.

Me: 5 minutes later. Get in the shower. Now.

Him: Finally in the shower, which can last up to 30 minutes if I don’t haul his skinny ass out of there. He tells me he’s thinking. Probably contemplating the state of the ozone, which he seems fixated on recently. Or what he’s getting for lunch. Or other things it’s best not to imagine. 

Me: Get out of the shower. Now.

Him: Whips the curtain back so that water drips all over the floor. Steps out soaking wet to add to the spreading puddle already forming. Yanks the (neatly folded and hung) towel off the towel bar, thereby dislodging the other towels placed there. Dries himself off and drops the towel at his feet. Like a pile of dog poop in the garden. Sometimes he goes all out and leaves the wet towel on the area rug in his room where I discover it several hours later after it’s had time to soak the rug.

Me: I’ve asked you before – like every day, kid – to start drying off in the shower so we don’t have a flood every morning AND when you’ve finished, please hang the towel back on the towel bar. That’s why we have it.

Him: How do I fold the towel? Is he kidding? Nope. Because he’s never actually noticed that they’re folded and properly hung up.

Me: Can you just hang the towel up? As I demonstrate again how to fold a towel and hang it up.

This is why going visual with a morning presentation is sure to be a success. First of all it’s pre-coffee for me so there isn’t a lot of logical thinking or coherent sentences going on. Second, holy crap, I’ve done this almost every day for…well…ever, and I’m more than a bit tired of it. Third, if he doesn’t learn to fold and hang a wet towel soon, he can get dressed wet. Fourth, I don’t have one. There doesn’t need to be one. He should hang the damn towel. That’s all.

I hope this helps someone. I hope this helps me.

* All art is the original work of D, my husband. He’s my go-to guy and he’s free. Well sort of.

** I take all the blame for the captions.

Finally in the shower

10-30 minutes later

No…this is NOT what it’s supposed to look like

The moment of epiphany


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