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I’m sharing my happy place. Because that’s just the kind of girl I am.

But first a few rules:

  1. Enjoy the tour.
  2. Hands off the shirtless man.
  3. Come back often.

You know the place you retreat to when your kids are fighting, but haven’t quite spilled blood? Maybe it happens when your dog has just barked at the 43rd creature passing within 1 km of your house. Or when your home is a disaster zone – it’s totally the kids’ fault – and someone very posh calls saying they’ll be over in 10 minutes. Yea, that place. Mine is Kat’s Happy Place. Don’t judge.

It’s populated with people, things, colours, scents and memories that help me tame down my manic when I’m flying faster than the speed of light. CERN says it may be possible. By now you probably know me well enough to assume I visit often. Good guess.

Spending a few moments there can help put things in perspective. And since it’s Friday and I’m in a generous mood – voila a peek at my happy place.

The Shire

I am nothing more than a proud book geek and my absolute, hands-down favourites are The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion. If you let me, I will quote you passages.

Algonquin Provincial Park

When you’ve grown up camping, canoeing and portaging here you are indelibly marked. It is vast, quiet and wild, and just about the most perfect place on Earth. We’ve brought our kids several times, the first time when our son was 1, and they have the bug.


Nicklas Lidström

It’s about hockey! My happy place is hockey. Also…um…his name is Nicklas Lidström and he’s an amazing defenseman. Look up his hockey stats. He’s one of the best and I love defensemen. The way I see it they’re the unsung heroes. They might not be the flashy players but they usually orchestrate the game. One of my girlfriends has a thing for goalies, specifically Curtis Joseph. Hein, everyone has their thing.



This is such a cheerful colour and I have it everywhere in my closet, our home, even our dishes. One look and I smile and think of the ocean. If that photo doesn’t make you happy we can’t be friends.


Citroën 2CV

The little deux chevaux conjures up beautiful memories and France is simply one of my favourite places to visit. No matter how many times we travel there, we always discover something new and unexpected. You’ll never find us in the tourist spots. We know how to avoid them. This baby is convertible and light enough to lift out of tractor ruts when you’ve tried to cut across fields. I might know something about that.


 Canada wins Gold

Just to prove to you that hockey is my happy place. Not shirtless defensemen.


Hope this gave you something to smile and fantasize dream about. Happy weekend.


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