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The good, the encouraging and the ugly

This weekend our son played in an out-of-town hockey tournament. You all know how much I love the sport despite the chirping which sadly seems to cling to it. Well here we go again, but with a really pleasant twist to compensate for the negative.

In reverse order, if you please, so that we may end on a high:

The ugly

  • Criticizing the boys. If you can’t be encouraging then don’t come. They are freaking kids man! There. I said it.
  • Criticizing the coaches. Zip a lip or step behind the bench. Said it too.

The encouraging

  • The majority of parents were great. I spoke with moms, dads and grandparents from opposing centres and they were so positive and complimentary of the talent and team-manship (I think I’m inventing words now) our boys displayed.
  • A bunch of us had a ridiculously good time and laughed hard enough to cry. Plus no one broke any bones.
  • There was no drama. What a bloody treat. I guess not bloody since I’m not a zombie, so maybe chocolaty.

The good

  • No early morning games. Oh…that was divine.
  • No injuries on the ice or in the hotel pool.
  • The boys laughed, bonded and no one got lost playing manhunt.
  • 15 players, 1 goalie and 100% effort. Nuff said.

The gold medal game came down to a face off between our boys and a team they had already played and tied. It was tense, tense, TENSE from the first puck drop. I’m surprised none of the fans keeled over. Three periods – no score. Overtime – no score. Then the dreaded shoot-out and the other guys snuck one more in than we did. The heartbreak for our boys, but nonetheless a well-played and evenly matched game.

I’m a bit cheered out from the weekend. Mainly because I get emotionally involved with how the kids are doing and should really self-medicate with chamomile tea before finals. Or maybe wine. Another day or two and I’ll be ready to gasp, cheer and encourage once again. Right now I’m just incredibly proud of a bunch of young men who left their hearts on the ice yesterday.


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