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Merci 2011

Often the end of one year and the start of the next are bittersweet. I get mildly morose and the passage of time is magnified in big, bold letters blinding me to all else. It’s not the celebratory occasion I look forward to the most. I’m not pining for the latest dress, evening bag orContinue Reading

Lists are better than flying midges, sort of

Lists come at us like flying midges in a swamp between December and January. Although midges are really more common during the heat of summer. We can’t escape lists because we truly do need them. Really. We do. They say so. It seems people, or maybe just women, have a crazy curiosity to know whatContinue Reading

The dreaded D-word

Have. To. Write. It’s more difficult than I thought it would be after taking several days off to celebrate. I love time spent figuratively putting pen to paper or with my nose buried in a book. For research purposes. Between chatting you up here and the other serious moments trying to form clear sentences asContinue Reading


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