Gone Camping

Who here loves camping? Who here loves camping in the rain? We’re packing the vehicle and I’m doing the anti-rain dance because I woke up this morning to a backyard swamp instead of a garden. The anti-rain dance is a bit like the moves Elaine showed the world on Seinfeld. I’ve heard it works.

Hope your summer is going well. See you in August.

GoneCamping 680x1024 Gone Camping

A Lot Has Happened In Three Weeks, Except Bootcamp.

I missed three weeks of bootcamp.

In the blink of an eye a twisted ankle became 21 days of not moving my ass further than the distance between the fridge and the garden with a few side trips to the barn. I also spent three weeks confused about how I’d twisted my ankle until the oxygen hit my brain — thanks to bootcamp — and I realized that throwing bales of hay while wearing running shoes probably had something to do with it. The ankle is better, even if the rest of me is more wiggly than it was before.

Bootcamp was the same as it always is…exactly what I need when I need it. A mental break, a physical boost, and a lot of sore muscles the next morning. There have been major improvements since last summer: I can skip without peeing or wanting to throw up, squats are my favourite (don’t tell B), I know what a russian twist is and I can do it while holding a kettle bell, I still hate burpees.

During those three weeks our children finished grades four and nine, I (willingly) rolled down a hill in a giant plastic ball called an Ogo, we’ve had perfect beach days, and I’ve spent more time covered in horse hair than not. Also, I’ve written in a few other places.

DSC 2167 1024x680 A Lot Has Happened In Three Weeks, Except Bootcamp.

There’s my regular gig over at Yummy Mummy Club where I write Around The Table, a food blog about, well, food, and what my family likes to eat. Or rather, how I like to prepare food and then make them eat the results.

What’s also cool about Yummy Mummy Club is the range of opinions and backgrounds the contributors all have and the opportunity to occasionally face off against one another. I did that recently with a post about a Verizon telephone ad that draws a link between girls being told they’re cute and lower numbers of science and math university grads.

And then Life In Pleasantville happened. I’m happy to be a regular contributor over there. I’ll be writing about travel, ticks (yay, me), entertaining, and maybe even debate vodka versus beer. Although why choose, really?

As usual, I’ve also spent way too much time on Instagram because I’m a sucker for a pretty picture, and travel and photos go together like Cheech and Chong, or Virtue and Moir, or cottages and s’mores, or … you get it.

10507811 498485153615249 757904143 a A Lot Has Happened In Three Weeks, Except Bootcamp.

Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

My family has gotten used to me pulling over if I notice interesting shadows across a field or the cutest llama just waiting for his close-up or a crumbling stone wall. I take photos every day. Staples Canada launched a photo campaign in June to celebrate summer and asked me to participate in their #30SummerDays. As a participant I was asked to snap a photo every day and was given a Nikon Coolpix S9600 to make that happen.

It’s a WIFI camera that’s as simple to use as connecting to a smartphone, uploading the photos to the phone, and then posting them to social media channels. Perfect to feed an Instagram addiction. I had fun playing with the features and found no shortage of inspiration.

DSCN0132 1024x606 Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

DSC 1526 1024x680 Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

DSCN0107 1024x576 Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

DSCN0247 1024x768 Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

Staples Canada not only gave me a camera to play with, but they’ve offered one for me to give away, too. You now have a chance to capture summer’s great memories while they last, but hurry because winter is coming. The camera is basically ready to use out of the box, although you’ll need to have an SD card on hand. Check out all the specifics on the camera’s page.

Nikon Coolpix 1024x652 Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

NikonCoolpixS9600 Nikon Camera Giveaway And Summer Fun

The giveaway is open to Canadian residents and closes July 19, 2014 at 11:59 PM. The camera retails for $299 Canadian.


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